When Children with Disabilities Perform at Music Concerts

Liputan6.com, Jakarta, Wearing their own dyed batik clothes, children with disabilities appeared in music concerts in the Teens S2 Room, Paris van Java Mall Bandung, Saturday (8/25) night.

In a concert organized by the Community of Difference Indonesia (CAN) and the Special Child Care Community (K-PAS), 13 children with disabilities (autistic) and four non-disabled children began the concert by greeting spectators who packed the room. They waved and smiled.

The 15-year-old children then play musical instruments, and move their hands to the accompaniment of music. Song chants then came from one of them.

After that, there was a poetry reading about the mother, as well as a rap song about independence they created themselves.

The audience welcomed their performance with loud applause. There were also those who shed tears at the joy they performed at the concert entitled “Independence Is”.

“Freedom is meant is the end result of children with disabilities can appear in public. Not with one night, but over time with their support finally able,” said the person in charge of CAN Deananda Ivana Joe.

He explained that CAN and K-PAS held the concert to provide opportunities for disabled children of productive age to appear in front of the audience.

“This event is also to realize the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 8 of 2016 concerning Persons with Disabilities, that disability has equal opportunities in arts and cultural activities,” Deananda said.

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